A Sexy After Dinner Treat Part II

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A Sexy After Dinner Treat Part II

I quickly grabbed the blanket and rolled us up in it, /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys & all. Colleeen was just getting her key out of the door, thankfully she was having a bit if trouble doing so) and as she turned towards the opening to the room we were in we were pretty well wrapped up in the blanket. I noticed though that the bottle of lube was layin out there on the floor all by itself, very noticable. Colleen came into the room and Jill asked, "I thought you were going to the movies". Colleen just laughed and said, "Well if you two ever left this floor you would have noticed that its snowing like shit out there. We all thought we should get home. I /hung/">hung around a little," she then sat down on the arm of the chair, "to give you two some time to get finished". She had that same grin her /mom/">mom had earlier and then said, "guess I didn't stay long enough huh?" She laughed and got up and said she was going upstairs to her room. As he left the room she looked over her shoulder she said, "hey Mom, don't forget to pick up the astroglide, would be kind of embarrassing if someone came by and saw it." She laughed out loud and up the stairs she went. Jill looked over at the large container on the floor. "Shit!" she exclaimed. She reached over and picked it up and looked at it. "Hummm, I wonder if anyone thinks this looks like a /cock/big-cock/">big cock." I laughed as I went to the couch to look out the window.

Colleen was right it was snowing like hell. I was trying to find my clothes, especially my boxers when Jill came back in with her robe on and a wet wash cloth. She looked at me and said, "guess I should clean you up a bit just in case you get stranded in your hotel room and decide to fuck a cocktail waitress." She pushed me back on the couch and pulled my boxers down to my ankles and knelt befor me. The washcloth was very warm and her washing me off felt very very good. After she was done she leaned over and lightly blew all oveer rmy cock to dry me. It didn't take very long and I was all hard again. She said, "good boy, standing up there all nice and straight". She looked over see if anyone was there and pulled the robe up and straddled me, holding my cock with her hand, guiding me to her waiting pussy. She eased down until I was all the way inside her. She groaned a bit and looked at me and said, "one for the road?" I started to thrust upward and she maoned and sighed and whispered "guess I have to be quiet this time". She leaned back and started to move me in and out. Her robe fell over my legs but I could see her breasts swaying inside the robe. Her nipples were very stiff and poking out through the material. She fucked me for a bit like that and leaned over to kiss me and I noticed we had company as I could see Colleen sitting on the steps with her knees together, she looked like she was enjoying the show because she was moving her legs back & forth and squeezing them together. As Jill was hovering over me with her hands on my shoulders I whispered in her ear, "we have company on the stairs, but with your robe the way it is I don't think she can really see anything". She smiled and sat back up straight, my cock driving deeper into her and she leaned back.

She then stunned me and pulled her robe over her head and started to fuck me luck /crazy/">crazy. Her boobs were bouncing up and down as she moved faster & faster, up and down my cock. I am sure Colleen had a great view of her mom's ass and my cock going in and out of her pussy. I was responding to her but I couldn't help but look to try & see what Colleen was doing. Since Jill was sitting straight up I could only see Colleens legs which were now sticking straight out and they were writhing around as though she were the one getting fucked. Jill leaned over again and kissed me and whispered, "she still there?". I moaned a yes and she slowed down and was now taking my cock into her very very slowly. It was obvious she was putting on a show for her /daughter/">daughter. She grunted and groaned a few times as she slowly took my cock deep in her pussy and asked, "whats she doing now?" I looked over her shoulder and now I could see Colleen from about the stomach down. Her nightgown was pulled up beyond her waist and he hand was between her legs rubbing furiously. Every now & then she would would move and I could see she had her gown pulled up past her breasts. Her tits were magnificent. Very large and round, and they didn't bounce much as she fingered herself. She was very firm sexy young woman who was a sexually charged as her mother who was fucking me nice & slow. "Well?", Jill brought me back to attention. I said "she is about to cum I think".

Jill sat back up and held her hand up and wiggled her middle finger. I nodded and she went back to fucking me faster and harder. When we started I really didn't think I would cum again, but the site of Colleen on the steps, Jill on my cock was all I needed. I started to breath faster and buck up harder to meet Jill. She leaned back and started to finger her clit. I began to erupt in her pussy, and I raised her up as I drove my cock in as far as I could. Jill started to cum right after I started and she was stiffening her voice, but there was a couple of "oh fucks" and she shuddered. If Colleen was listening I am sure she heard. Jill collapsed on top of me with my wilting cock still inside her if only a little. I looked up at Jill and kissed her. Then we heard Colleen let out a grunt or two and a sigh. We knew she had just cum herself. A couple of moments later we heard her go up the stairs.

Jill got off and pulled my boxers back up and said "we have to stop, or I will want to do this all night. You are very /bad/">bad you know." She smiled and I finished dressing and went to the door. She was still nude as I left and she stood at the door as I walked to my car. She was lit in the lite from her pourch and I wondered if any neighbors were looking out at the falling snow. They were in for a real site. I drove away thinking of Jill's parting words, "MMMM now all three of us can sleep relaxed." I wonder what might be going on in the house now.

I got back to my hotel much much later. The snow was awful but I made it. As I walked into the room the phone was ringing. I answered and it was Jill. "Just laying her in bed and wondering if you got back ok, I was beginning to get worried, didn't know if it was the snow or not." I told her the roads were bad but being from Chicago I was sort of used to it and I took my time. She asked what my plans were for the next day and I said I had planned on seeing some of the sites but the weather might not allow that. "Want a tour guide?" she asked. I said sure and she said well if the weather is too bad she wouldn't make it but if she did and we didn't want to get out, well we would figure out something. We both laughed and I asked, "have you spoken to Colleen?" Jill laughed and said "you are thinking about my /daughter/hot-daughter/">hot daughter watching us fuck and fingering herself aren't you? I have been too and I have the lubricant bottle here, you know the one that looks like a cock. I was thinking about what happened and before long I was trying to stick the bottle in my pussy. I wonder if that why they make the bottle to look like a cock." I moaned approval and asked if she succeeded. "I had it in and was starting to get into it when I heard Collen at my door, so I stopped and pulled my hands from under the covers and told her to come in". She said Colleen asked about me, and where I came from and all the chit chat stuff. Collen said, "you blowjob porn videos must have really had a good time since you are sleeping in the nude tonight." Jill asked why she thought that and Colleen told her that her gown was laying on the bed so she must have nothing on and with that she pulled the covers back and said, "See! Told you so!" and laughed. Then she noticed milf porn videos the bottle of astroglide between Jills legs just a bit outside her pussy. Collen got up and laughed again and said, "I see you figured out the other use for the bottle." She patted her mom on her naked leg and said, "nite mom, sleep well" and was off to bed.

There was silence for a moment and I could hear her she was breathing faster. I asked, "And?" Jill knew what I was asking, she knew I wondered if anything else had happened, like that masturbated together or even something more. "No" she replied, "but I thinkwe both thought about it for a moment". She said we all had to get to sleep and she would see me sometime the next day , if the roads were ok. I told her goodnight and hung up, wondering if anything happened or would happen. I was already thinking about fucking them both as I fell asleep.