Pssst Boy Come Here

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Pssst Boy Come Here

It has been loudly whispered that Uncle George's wife Crystal used to be a las Vegas nude dancer who also went out with paying customers, infact it was also rumored that uncle George himself paid her 500 bucks on their first sex. Well, that was 10 years ago. Now they have two girls and living comfortably with Uncle's high paying job as an engineer. They have a huge luxurious house with a lot of expensive ornaments. Uncle always oppose her classy life style yet couldn't afford to divorce her as she was the best fucker there is, it was said. It was also rumored she had an affair once during uncle's annual head office meetings out of state but he is so dumb he couldn't live without her, she's so good in bed, uncle is afraid he can't find someone who can fuck him that good, so it was patch up. She is so /gorgeous/">gorgeous with /blonde/">blonde hair, seductively beautiful face, firm tits and excelent thighs and legs, with skin so creamy and juicy and smooth, even if she is 30 years old I wouldn't trade her for a 16 year ager.

But I didn't have any iota of ambition to fuck her as I grew up a losser. At 15 I was overweight and conscoius of my figure becoming a little bit introvert and shy. I've been the butt of jokes among all the cousins having no girlfriend. Our family being republican and religiously conservative, I have not even seen a naked woman before. Pornography is always checked by the matriarchs, /mom/">mom and granma. One day my luck would change though.

There was a big family gathering and as usual uncle George and family stayed isolated in the corner not wanting to join the group. Ever since they were married they were conscious that the conservative family dislike aunty Crystal. I was talking with my teenage cousin in the back yard and again I was the fatso butt of their laughters. From a distance Uncle George and Aunty Crystal gestured me to come to them. "Well, just right. I was looking for someone to accompany your aunty and the kids while I'll be gone to Florida for the annual summer summit". I pretended to be hesitant, "uncle I have school". "I'ts not that far from here, ride your bike and loss some weight, besides it's weekend, I'll leave on Friday and be back on Tuesday, come'on I'll buy you more nintendos and play station". Well I agreed. To uncle's mind Aunty is safe with me. I'm just an overweight kid who don't know how to fuck and I'm a deterent to possible predators who might take advantage of his absence. Naturally my cousins upon hearing about it were very envy of me to be staying with the most gorgeous lady in the world. But what can I do, Uncle think they are harmful while I'm harmless.

The glorious day I've been waiting for had arrive, Friday evening. Mom who dropped me was a little weary, as if saying 'what if this ex /whore/">whore would seduce his little /fat/fat-boy/">fat boy, but bah, why should she among all the handsome guys in the world'. Mom speeded away and the thrill began, I entered the house, the door was left open for me. Nothing happened that night and I went to sleep dreaming that Aunty Crystal came to my room and sucked my dick. Morning had broken and I went down stairs and eat the food in the table presuming it was for me. The kids were still up in bed but someone was cleaning the pool. I went out to check, and found out my prayers were ansered. Aunty was working on the plants by the pool side lefting them to a table to trim there roots, and believe it or not whe was topless with only her shorts on. Her tits was delicious, firm and look tasty, my /first-time/">first time to see live full hd xvideo download boobs, her nipple was sharp and pinkish. "Sydney, you have eaten your breakfast?" "Yes aunty" I replied. "Then come help me here" Obviously she wasn't trying to seduce me. She was just comfortable that way and ignored me, the harmless fatso.

After working n the pool we brought the kids to the malls and the movies as it was a saturday. Then we went back home. I couldn't believe my luck, she started stripping her clothes while talking to me in the living room. She took off her blouse then her skirt then, "Sidney could you help me with this please, kinda tight" she said gesturing me to unhook her bra as she turned around giving me her back. I immidiately jumped at the opportunity, perhaps this is my lucky day and she would fuck me. I unhooked her bra slowly savoring the smoothness if her skin being so close to her in that stuation. "Are you hungry again? your hands are trembling" she said almost laughing. She went to her room, as she climbed the stairs she looked at me "I'll put the kids to sleep and I'll come down, wait here, it's warm today, how about a dip in the zakuzi?" she said. Just hearing her talk like that hardened my dick. I've been trying hard not to free porn movies download jerk off believeing it causes me to grow fater as I'll jerk off the protein and became hungry again eating more fats. An hour later she came down in her bathrobe. We went to the outdoor Zakuzi and she took off her robe. She had her bikini thing but without tops and once again I'm enjoying the sight of her gorgeous tits. I was embarrased to take off my shirt with my boxer shorts and dip in the zakuzi with her. We talked about just anything while she zip some champaign. We shared a lot of our disappointments in life, her past regrets and my wieght problem and lack of girlfriend and curiousity about relationships and all theose stuff. I can sense that she had pittied me as I also pittied her, well my thought of a possible mercy fucking didn't happened that night though. We went to sleep after that.

Now it was Sunday, no church this time and Mom scolded me on the phone as I was too tired and didn't come down when they picked me up earlier and Aunty sided with me saying I'm excused for just this Sunday. I can tell Aunty sympathized with my pittyful condition, but would she fucked me out of pity? Then as we were in the park, the kids playing she sat next to me. "Sidney I've been thinking, you can overcome your troubles specially your shyness and curiousity and get some respect if you'll open up a bit and get some experience in life, watch some porno films and maybe learn to to to masturbate, it's helpful, then get a girlfriend and assert yourself, don't let people bully you around". I was a little bit embarrased yet my dick quickly responded almost tearing my pants. "But who should I ask to be my girlfriend Aunty?" "I'll surely be glad to have one even for only a day" I said. "Are you hinting on me Sidney, huh, for a day, maybe" she smiled. To be continued.