White Slave Part 2

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White Slave Part 2

Sinni roared in as she was serviced by The Nine on the Pleasure Table.

The Table sat a metre above the ground, and the lay upon it, her body at the mercy of those who had gathered about her.

Each of the nine women about her were naked, as they always were in this place, and today they paid homage to one of the Nirvana's exalted Tasters.

Her legs were spread, and locked in the stocks so that her partly shaved muff was available to those who served her at the pleasure of the Nirvana " Luna the Balinese girl and Melina the olive-skinned Italian sucked on her toes. Beneath the table was an Israeli woman named Galit who tongued her sensitive arsehole. The most honored woman there was a French teen named Sophie who lapped hungrily at her tight, partly shaved slit.

Sinni used her hands to paw hungrily at the sticky creamed cunts of Jenya the Russian and Mary the flame-haired Scot. A Greek woman named Sophie suckled on one of her nipples, and an American named Cindy licked the other.

Finally, Chantelle, an elegant French woman, straddled her face. Sinni's high-boned cheeks were moist with the fanny cream of the woman whose wet slit rested above her hungry lips. Sinni's tongue stretched out greedily to scoop in the viscous strands of fanny juice that slithered down her hungry throat.

Sinni's own cunt was drenched, as wave after wave of her minge milk flowed over Sophie's inexperienced tongue. The teen struggled to drink all her moistness, although Galit gave no complaint as the overflowing juices spread down to Sinni's and into the slut's waiting mouth.

The walls of the small domed chamber echoed wildly as the gathered women's voices joined Sinni's as she drew inexorably closer to a debilitating orgasm.

The twin tongues quickened their pace between her legs, and she would have howled in ecstasy had her throat not been gagging on Chantelle's gush of naughty nectar.

Galit ceased her licking and instead inserted a long finger into the Asian's tight arsehole and Sinni lost control.

The intensity of her orgasm set her wracking with painful delight and the restraints were strained as she bucked and shook.

All about her the other girls cried in ecstacy as the Nine joined her in orgasmic heaven,

A loud enthusiastic clapping sound behind them took their attention from the exhausted satisfied woman on the Pleasure Table. As they turned at the sound, Galit and Sophie fell to the floor, lay on their backs and opened their legs wide in a gesture of offering.

The other women quickly followed suit, their muffs proudly open, some bare of fur, others thickly lined, as they lay upon the floor prone to the desires of their " the Nirvana.

The Nirvana was a black woman in her early thirties, a being of stunning beauty. She was tall and well proportioned, without being muscular. She wore upon her head a flamboyant headdress of gold and turquoise, peppered with long dazzling peacock feathers.

Her eyes were traced with blue ochre and her nose pierced with a small golden flower resting on each nostril. Below the heavily made up eyelids, her orbs burned emerald green and her smile was made from full luscious lips painted xnxxv sunny leone video iridescent blue against her dark skin.

As a mark of her station, she wore the real forced anal against her will golden necklace whose many fronds of precious metal and stones to drop into her deep cleavage.

The Nirvana's D-cup breasts were full, heavy and slicked with sex-sweat. Her broad areolas drew in the contrasting colour of the gold nipple clamps that rested on her long nubs and the jeweled fronds that fell from the clamps, which dangled in the air.

Her muscled stomach was highlighted by a ring of gold in her belly, which, like the chains that hung from her nipples, danced, with the colour of myriad precious gems.

Beneath the belly chain ran a thin belt of gold, which supported a diaphanous white dress, the front of which was split.

Inside the white folds, at the peak of her muscle-toned legs, was the holiest organ of sex in this debauched world. Her full pubes ran like a dark forest, hiding the desired pink paradise inside.

'Nine, release her from the Pleasure Table," the Nirvana commanded.
The women who had surrounded Sinni stepped away, and Galit and Sophie released the from her bonds.

"Rise," the Nirvana spoke to Sinni. "The rest of you may continue. I believe that Galit has not yet lain upon the Table. Summon another from the Hall to complete the Nine ""

Sinni walked from the table and followed her Goddess out of the Chamber of the Nine.

Sinni strode in silence behind the Nirvana, as was the correct place for a slave, even one of her stature in this place.

"You shared of the Clean One." The Nirvana spoke. It was not a question.
"She is American and was likely very timid upon arriving here. The drugs have worked, she should be groomed to step above The Nine."

The Nirvana sucked in her breath in shock. She stopped her pacing and placed her hands upon Sinni's heaving breasts.
"She has barely been here for a matter of days! You know what you suggest, do you not Sinni?"
"Yes, Nirvana. She is worth it," Sinni assured her mistress.

They continued along the corridor, walking in silence. Soon, the two women stood in front of the entrance to the Nirvana's chambers.

At the massive golden doors, which were engraved with the form of two women locked in a sixty-nine, stood two massive dark men who both wore the frond skirts of their station.

"Mbeki," the Nirvana addressed one of the men. "See to it that I am not disturbed."

Inside the chamber was bare but for a stream of white cushions which peppered the black marble floor. A set of massive columns, each shaped in the form of a naked woman supported the wide roof that was painted in a mural depicting Sappho's first orgy.