From 3 to 2

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From 3 to 2

I had everything ready: soft music, vanilla candles spread throughout the room, and my red satin sheets drapped over the bed. I pulled the curtains down and cleaned up the room quickly. I looked around, satisfied that I had everything ready. Everything, except me.

I love my boyfriend with all my heart. He is everything I could ever want and more, and I wanted to fulfill his greatest /fantasy/">fantasy. But was I truly ready for this? Can I handle this situation? What if this doesn't work?

As I was lost in my thoughts, the phone rang. It was him, letting me know he was running late and would be there as soon as he could.

"Okay," I said. "I love you. Happy Birthday."

We /hung/">hung up, just as a knock came to the door. That must be her. I walked over and looked through the peep hole to see Carmen, standing there smirking. I opened the door slowly.

"Hi," I stammered out. "Come on it."

The dirty-blonde curvy woman with hazel eyes floated into the house, wearing a full-length trenchcoat. All I could see on the bottom were her black high heels and stockings, and staring at me on top was her full cleavage. She was /gorgeous/">gorgeous, no doubt about it. I felt insecure next to her in my silky red bathrobe, my size B breasts barely noticable compared to hers.

"Can I take your coat?" I asked. She slipped it off to reveal a strapless black corset, pushing her huge, beautiful breats out and accentuating them, and matching black panties. The look was topped off with the garters connected to her stockings. I had to admit to myself that she looked extremely sexy. I knew my boyfriend would be thrilled. I explained that he was running late, and she didn't seem to mind. I offered her a glass of red wine, and we sat in the living room, sipping our glasses in silence. I didn't know what to say to her, I was so nervous. She knew this was my /first-time/">first time with a woman and I could sense that she wanted to make it right for all of us. I finally broke the silence by asking if she had ever answered an ad like ours before.

"Only once," she replied. "But I faked sick when I got there because I didn't think I could do it. The woman wasn't as beautiful as you," she said, smiling. I smiled back, feeling a lot more confident with the situation. She asked if I was nervous and I nodded my head.

"I love my boyfriend and I want to make his birthday memorable. I know he is looking forward to it...and I have to say, after getting to finally see you, I'm starting to get more excited about it myself." I blushed and smiled, too nervous to look into her deep, inviting hazel eyes. She reached over and held my hand, getting me to look up. We smiled at one another, and I could already feel myself getting wet.

"Do you want to go upstairs and get comfortable? That way, we'll be ready when he gets home," suggested Carmen. I nodded and we walked upstairs together. I could feel her eyes on my body as she followed me upstairs. I was getting more excited with each step.

I led her into our bedroom and she smiled as she saw everything I had set up. I took off my red silk bathrobe to reveal my matching red silk, short nightie. I looked over at Carmen and watched as her eyes roamed over my body. I causally ran my hands through my long /brunette/">brunette hair, over my breasts and down my sides. I was enjoying my little show for Carmen and I could tell by her hypnotized look that she was too. She walked over to me, standing so close I could feel her breath on my lips. I swallowed hard and looked into her eyes. I knew we weren't going to be able to wait for my boyfriend.

Carmen slowly leaned in and lightly touched her lips to mine. My body jolted from the sensation and she smiled and let out a little laugh. She came back in, this time pressing her lips into mine, giving me my /lesbian/lesbian-kiss/first-lesbian-kiss/">first lesbian kiss. I felt shockwaves run through my body as her lips parted and she gently sucked on my bottom lip. She used to tongue to trace over my lips before slipping it into my mouth. She tasted and felt so good, I quickly was massaging her tongue with mine. She rested her hands on my hips and I wrapped my hands onto her back, pulling her in closer. My brain was racing, my heart was pounding and my body was going insane. This is it, I thought to myself.

Carmen gently led me to the bed and she pushed me down onto it, never letting her lips leave mine. She continued to kiss my lips while her hand slipped and slid over my red silk nightie, feeling my body all over; it felt wonderful. She moved down from my lips to my neck, planting ever-so-soft kisses down my neck and onto my chest. I was breathing heavier with each kiss she gave me, my breats rising and falling. She bit the bottom of my nightie and raised it up to my neck, revealing my breats, stomach and pussy. She smiled at me before continuing to plant her soft lips on my breats. While kissing one, she began to massage and fondle the other, stroking it lightly with her fingertips and twisting my nipple gently between her fingers. I heard myself let out a soft moan - the combination of her lips and fingers felt amazing. She then parted those soft lips and used her tongue to flick my nipple before sucking it into her mouth, sucking on it nice and hard. She kissed her way across to my other breast, and ran her tongue all over it before sucking in my nipple again, while she fingered my other nipple this time. I watched her, enthralled by her beauty and sexiness, running my fingers through her hair. I felt her hand running across my stomach as she continued to suck on my nipples, leaving her salivia to mark her territory. She reached down and spread my legs for me, exposing my drenched pussy. The cool air mixed with her body heat made me shiver, making my nipples harder and delighting her even more. She ran her hand down my inner thigh, giving me goosebumps, and lightly stroked my shaved pussy with her fingers. I shivered again, it felt so wonderful. I tried to grind my pussy into her hand, to hint that I wanted her to touch me again.

"Hungry, aren't we?" she asked me, coming up from my breasts and smiling. I smiled back, my body aching for her touch again.

She returned to my begging body, stroking my dripping pussy again with her hand. She rubbed my clit with her thumb, massaging it and making my mind race. I could feel the satin sheets underneath me getting soaked from my juice. She stuck one of her fingers into her mouth and sucked on it, then gently inserted it inside of me, pulsing it in and out...in and out, first slowly then getting faster and faster as my breathing followed.

"Oh Carmen," I managed to squeak out. "Mmmm, yes, just like that. Ohhhh, yes..." My whole body was starting to shake and I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. Carmen quickly shoved another finger inside me and finger fucked me faster and faster.

"Ohhh, yes Carmen! Yes, oh yes!" I cried out, my pussy juices squirting out, covering her hand and the bed. She rubbed my pussy again before licking and sucking on her fingers and moaning as she tasted my pussy juices.

"Mmm, you taste so good...mind if I taste some more?" she smiled. All I could manage to do was nod. She kneeled in between my legs, planting kisses and licks over all my thighs and around my pussy before finally giving my pussy one slow, long lick. Her tongue was huge and rough like a cat's, and the sensation made my body tremble. She flicked her tongue gently over my clit over and over again, my mind spinning and my body tensing up with every flick.

"Mmmmm, oh yes Carmen. Mmmm, lick my pussy baby. Eat me out really good." I squeezed my breasts as she continued. She then focused right on my engorged clit, licking it like it was a melting ice cube, disappearing at any moment. She did a few more long licks of my entire pussy, covering it in her salivia and my juices before coming back to my clit. She bite it ever so lightly, then sucked it hard into her mouth. She sucked on my clit hard and inserted her two magic fingers deep into my pussy again, /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking me as she sucked on my clit. My hips soared off the bed as my bed let out an enormous orgasm. I came crashing back onto the bed, trembling, shaking and in awe of this gorgeous woman. She kissed and licked her way back up to my mouth, giving me a passionate, delicious kiss.

I couldn't wait to return the favor to her. I quickly flipped her onto her back and undid the clasps on her black corset.
With the last one undone, I ripped it off her body, exposing her size D breats and flat stomach. I dived right into her beautiful breats, first massaging and gently squeezing them before I covered them with my lips. I kissed her breasts the wwwxxx all over, loving the feeling of her skin against my mouth. I sucked her nipples into my mouth one at a time, using my tongue to make circles around them, licking them all over. Her skin was smooth and soft, and her scent was heavenly. I slid my tongue down her stomach like a snake, leaving a trail of my salivia on her glistening body. I settled in between her legs, licking her inner thighs slowly and sensually, watching her pussy start to drip with her wetness. It looked delicious and I couldn't wait any longer to taste her.

I licked down her leg and doved right into her pussy, licking up and down so fast I thought my tongue would fall off! I wanted to please her like she pleased me and I wanted to hear her moan my name. I wanted her to talk dirty to me and I would have done anything at that moment to make all that come true. I licked her entire pussy - her lucious lips, her deep hole and her breath-taking clit. I moaned while eating her out, hoping my vibrations would add to the pleasure. I was treated with her moaning loudly, "Ohhh yes, baby! Mmmmm, you lick my pussy so nice and good. Mmmm, lick my pussy for me Jessica!" I smiled as I continued to lick every inch of her glorious pussy, soaking in her smells and tastes. I inserted one finger into her, to feel her from the inside out. She was warm and moist and soft. I continued to lick her entire pussy while I inserted a second finger.

"Ohh baby, finger fuck me wwwxxx nice and hard! Oh yeah, that feels soooo good! Mmmm, yes baby, yes..." I wanted her to have an amazing orgasm, so I inserted a third finger into her /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy, pulsating all three in and out as fast as I could. I locked my mouth onto her clit, licking fast and sucking hard while finger fucking her. I felt her whole body spasm as she squirted me with her pussy juices during her incredible orgasm. I layed there, licking up all her juices from her pussy and kissing her everywhere.

Just as we finished, we heard the front door open and shut.

"Ready for round 2?" I asked her, smiling.