Renees Shopping Trip

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Renees Shopping Trip

Renee had been wonder around the mall for the last 2 hours. She had the day off and it had decided to go shopping since her boyfriend had to work. After picking up a couple of shirts and a new pair of jeans she decided to just browse the stores feeling that she needed something else but not sure what. She had been wondering aimlessly for the last hour in and out of stores when she saw a guy go into the fitness store. WOW she thought as she admired his ripped body. He was wearing a pair of tight workout shorts and a tank top and she could not help but notice the bulge he was carrying in those shorts. She suddenly felt ashamed when she thought of Rick her boyfriend but then again things had not been going to good between them the last few months. The next thing she knew she was walking towards the fitness store.

At 25 she had a great body, not a model or fitness buff but more than enough to get looks from the guys. What she was lacking in breasts on her small petite frame she made up for with one of the roundest, firm asses of any of her girl friends. They would tease her all the time that she had an /men/ass-men/">ass men would die for. Just the other day her friend Becky had told her that she could not believe Renee had never had /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex with that ass.

Although the thought of anal sex /scared/">scared her she had been asked by several past boyfriends and lovers to allow them to be the first, she just could not get over her fear of it though. As she walked into the fitness store she started to browse the vitamin section not wanting it to appear that she had followed him into the store. When she turned to get another glance at him she was startled to see this man that had drawn her in here standing next to her. He said hi smiling when she looked his way and she knew she must have blushed as she quickly turned away. Lowering her head she could not help but glance over and look at the bulge in his pants again. What a bulge it was too she thought mentally calculating that it had to be the biggest she had ever seen. After a minute he picked a bottle of vitamins and headed towards the counter.

She could not believe that she could not even say hello to him so as he was paying she headed out the door and to the parking lot more than a little embarrassed. As she started her car she saw him walk out and get into a truck parked just a few spots over from her. Curiosity getting to her she followed him as he pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards the middle of town. Going to the gym probably, she bokep sma pecah perawan thought as she followed a little ways behind. As they got into town though she lost him in the traffic. Oh well she thought I need to get home anyway. She turned of the main road and went around the block to head back home but as she turned the corner she was his truck in the parking lot of a convenience store.

He was parked there with the hood up looking at the engine as if something was wrong. What the hell she thought as she pulled in; she might as well see if he needed help since she was so rude to just stare at him earlier. She pulled up beside him and rolled down the passenger window as he turned to her car. He leaned in the window as she asked if he needed any help. He said the alternator must have died and he would have to get one from the parts store. She introduced herself and found that his name was Robert; he seemed very nice so she asked if she could give him a ride somewhere. It seemed that Robert just lived a couple of blocks away and he asked if she could drop him off at his house stating that he needed to get his check book and call around to find the part. Without even thinking she told him yes and he climbed into the car.

They chatted for a minute but soon arrived at his place, to soon she was thinking as he thanked her and climbed out. Renee was just about to leave when he asked if she would like to come in for a minute stating that he might need a ride to the parts store if she did not mind. As they walked up the steps he told her that he had just moved here and to excuse the mess. When they got inside she saw he was not lying as the living room was still full of boxes. He told her she could have a seat on the couch if she did not mind the mess while she waited for him to call. She sat down as he went into the kitchen to call the parts local parts store. After a few minutes he came back into the living room saying that it was just his luck the part would have to be ordered and would not be in until tomorrow. Not ready to be out of sight of this hunk of a man she started asking him about where he moved from and why trying to make small talk. The problem, she realized, was that she could not keep eye contact; she kept finding herself looking at that bulge.

Robert did not seem to notice though as she thought to herself he was probably one of those /gay/gay-gym/">gay gym guys. After a few minutes of small talk she decided that she better go and that she was stupid for even having thoughts like that. She told Robert that she needed to get going and arose to leave. She managed to take one step and tripped on a box. Robert caught her as she was falling and as he did her hand brushed the bulge in his pants. It was purely accidental but feeling his muscles against her as he held her where he caught her she could not resist the temptation any more. She reached down and rubbed it again this time fully intentional. As she ran her hand down the front of his shorts she looked to and was met with a deep /kissing/hard-kiss/">hard kiss. This just made her hotter as she started to work her hand on his bulging cock feeling grow as she tried her best to match him kiss for kiss.

She could not believe she was doing this to a guy she just met but could not seem to pull away from him. She then slid her hand down the front of his shorts to find the largest cock she had ever grabbed a hold of. Robert moaned as she grabbed and started stroking it. He reached under her shirt grabbing her small but firm tits and rolling her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples between his fingers. Robert then pulled her shirt off as she slid her hands under his tank top rubbing her hands up his abs to his muscular chest. The feeling of all those muscles under her hands made her quiver with excitement wanting to see the body she knew she was about to let have her. She could not control herself as she almost ripped his shirt trying to get him out of it. With both of them standing there among the boxes topless she rose up and gave him a deep long kiss sliding her hand back down to his large /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock.

Lowering herself to the floor she stopped to lick his nipples lightly biting them then running her tongue down his tight abs until she got to the tip of his cock. She slowly pulled his shorts down as her tongue played with the head of his cock making it twitch. Finally getting a good look at the entirety of it she realized his cock was at least 8’ long, if not more, and that she could not get her whole hand around it. She had only seen pictures of guys this /hung/">hung as her girlfriends and her used to joke about how something that big probably did not work. She now knew that they did as Robert had on of the hardest cocks she had ever grabbed hold of. As she slid the head of his cock between her lips Renee heard his soft moan knowing that he was feeling every inch she was taking. As it hit the back of her throat she pressed her tongue against the bottom of his shaft as she pulled her mouth off it.

Taking a deep breath she could not resist the urge to see how mush of it she could take. Renee again slid her mouth over his now wet pressing hard to get as much as she could but no matter how hard she tried she could not take the whole thing. She then started sliding it in and out of her mouth using her tongue the best she could on every stroke making him feel the desire she had for him. After a minute or so he pulled her off and reached down to help her back up. Then picking her up he carried her into the bed room. He then amazed old waman xxxgx her as he grabbed her by the ass with her facing him and lifted her onto his shoulders. He backed towards the wall allowing her to lean forward for support. With her legs on his shoulders spread right in front of his face was her wet shaved pussy for him to enjoy. And enjoy he did first licking up and down her lips sliding his tongue into her slit as he did. He tasted the wetness of her with every lick and heard her soft moans as he licked every drop of her nectar. Then Robert found her clit gently starting to suck on it using his tongue to play with it as he did. Just when he felt she was about ready to cum he started flicking his tongue over her hard little clit faster and faster until with a mild scream she became to quiver as she came.