Dream fuck with my best friend

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Dream fuck with my best friend

Hi friends. i am rohan. I am 24 years old and recently completed my graduation from a medical college. During my college days i used to visit a friend chat site and soon made a /friend/good-friend/">good friend there. Her name was Khushi. She was a girl from western India with a huge body. I /first-time/">first time saw her in the photos that she sent me during our chat.

She had the body to lust for, a healthy body with big curves. She had huge 40 sized boobs, not so big 34 sized waist, but a 44 sized ass to die for. I had developed an instant /erection/">erection when i saw her first time. The girls with huge bodies had always attracted me but Khushi had a special feature and that was sexy and /sweet/">sweet face which suited her body perfectly.

Soon we came close and did not even hesitated to talk about sex. She told that she was still a virgin instead of having a boyfriend which made me to crave for her more and more. I was getting out of control day by day as my cock was always erect in her thoughts. I wanted to fuck her so madly and badly. Soon we became best friends and shared each and everything between us and decided to meet. She was ready to come to my place and after some days came the day which i had been waiting for very eagerly. We had planned to meet in the morning so i quickly got ready and went to receive her at railway station. I reached there and started waiting for her.

My eyes were searching for her badly and within no time i saw a girl in pink top and tight white pants reaching towards me. her big round breasts were jumping with her each step. I had an instant hard on. I came near her and greeted her. She was very happy to see me and so was i. My dream girl was in front of my eyes.

My /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock was making a bulge on my pants. She greeted me and hugged me. This was the first time in my life that i had got a feeling of a girls breasts and that to the huge ones. I too responded to to her hug and wrapped my arms on her waist which was big and fleshy. My hard cock made contact on her thighs which she ignored. It was a summer month, so we decided to go to my room.

My parents were out of station for 3 days so she was ready to come with me. Within few minutes we reached to my home. I welcomed her, served her a coffee and started talking with her. Our conversation started from whatever jokes we used to crack during our chat and soon it turned towards sex. She had told me earlier that she was fond of reading sex stories and had visited sex site many times. we were sitting on the sofa and were very close to indian santali xvideo each other. i told her about sex stories which i had read few days back. She too got interested and told about a story that she had read some days back. It was story of a woman getting fucked by her husband. My cock responded to it with a quick erection. My eyes were on her boobs and huge thighs which were held tightly by her hot pants. i dont know what happened to me i suddenly put my hands on her thighs and pressed them softly.

She paused for a moment, looked into my eyes and continued with the story. i was now moving my hands on her thighs towards her knees and again up. I brought my lips near her and gave a deep smooch. she was sucking my lips very hard. Her tongue was inside my mouth and i sucked it with passion.

We moved towards our bed and i made her to lie down. I came beside her and pulled her towards me and hugged her. My hands searched for that huge bulgy curvy ass which forced me to masturbate by thinking of fucking her in her inside her /asshole/">asshole. I touched her fleshy ass cheeks and started pressing them. Oh my god they were so big. i massaged them gently and decided to remove them. We were still sucking each others lips. I unhooked her pants and removed her pant up to her thighs. I had to remove t the pants with much effort due to her ass size. She was wearing a big black underwear which looked small on her ass.

She had a long and deep ass crack. I was getting out of control now and moved my hand inside her underwear. I felt her ass crack and moved my fingers inside it. I had to enter my fingers very deep to reach to her /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole . We kissed for half an hour along with my hands massaging her ass cheek and my fingers feeling her ass hole. I made her to lie on her stomach. Her ass was now in front of my eyes. i moved towards it, removed her underwear and started kissing it. i was loving it and pressed my face inside her ass cracked. I took out my tongue and licked it covering its whole length.

When my tongue touched her ass hole she jerked her body and tightened it. I told her to press my head on her ass. She held it and pressed it with force. Now i spread her ass with my hands and entered my tongue inside it. It was little inside her ass hole. I moved it out and again entered it with a push and it was little more inside. I started fucking it with my tongue and increased my speed. Her moaning sounds got louder and suddenly she pressed my head on her ass with force and ejaculated her pussy juices.

She released force from my head. I removed my tongue from her ass hole and moved my face towards her waist and moved her top up exposing her waist which was again full of flesh with a deep navel. I kissed her waist and sucked her navel. I fucked her deep navel with my tongue. I removed her top and saw her boobs. They were bigger than they appeared from the top. I unhooked her bra and started sucking and licking her black nipples. Her moaning sounds were getting louder and i took an advantage of this situation. I moved my hand on her pussy. It was hairy with /pussy/large-pussy/large-pussy-lips/">large pussy lips.

My finger opened her pussy lips and entered inside her pink hole. It was so wet and tight. Her juices were oozing out in large amount. I moved my whole finger deep inside it. Her pussy was burning. I was sucking her boobs and fingering her pussy at the same time. Her moaning sounds again got louder and she pressed my head on her boobs. Thick load of juices started flowing from her pussy. She had ejaculated second time. I did not wanted to waste my time now. My cock was already dying to enter inside. I removed my pants, underwear and freed my long but not so /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock. First time i was going to enter a pussy and that too a /fat/">fat virgin one.

i came over her, spread her legs, kept my cock on her pussy and entered inside with a hard push. She screamed loudly. I gave another hard push and took her lips inside my mouth to prevent her from screaming. With five six more pushes my cock entered completely inside. I was fucking her now. She too began to enjoy and cooperated with me by pushing her hips up with my pushes. It seemed like she was fucking me. I massaged and pressed her boobs. My fucking was getting intense now and i gave strong hard pushes which made her alain lyle porn to moan very loudly. I was going to ejaculate. I increased my speed further and was fucking her with all my energy.

Suddenly i developed a strong orgasm, took her nipples inside my lips and with few more hard pushes i ejaculated inside her. She too ejaculated third time. We were tired and slept naked.

In the evening she got ready and went to meet her cousin which was in the same city. She told me that she will stay with her cousin in the night and will be going back tomorrow early in the morning. I was saddened to listen this as i was craving for her ass, the ass i wanted to fuck badly. She bid me bye and took a bus for her cousins place. Its been one year now since this incident happened. After that we did not get any chance to me.

I am still waiting for the day when i will fuck her in that /ass/huge-ass/">huge ass. Dear viewers this is my first story. Please do comment your opinions and correct me wherever i am wrong