Cs gets pickup at bar

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Cs gets pickup at bar

Cs and I was at home Cs said lets have some fun tonight. I said what do you have in mind? Cs said lets go out to a club I want to unwind dont you KG? I said ok. CS said lets get ready you first then I will . I said ok baby so I went up to get dressed. About and hour later Cs walked down to the living room and CS looked very sexy she was in a short blue skirt a low cut white blouse with a lacy white /ass/sexy-ass/">sexy ass bra and dark blue thigh highs and pumps. Cs said Kg you have always want me to have sex another man . Well this time Im going to let you watch me as she touched my lipps with her finger. She then sat down in the chair spread her leggs to let me see her white lacy panties knowing how I love the way she teases me and it makes me so excited. Cs said do you like what you see KG ? I said ohh sexxxx video ful hd yes she then said well if your good you may get some of me. It depends on how good you are ok? I said ok what do you have in mind honey?

Cs said well we are going to the club and you are going to set at your own table and watch me and if your lucky I might pick up a man to bring home and let him fuck me while you hide and watch. But you have to be good and not let him know your there as CS put her hand under her skirt and stuck her finger in her pussy and fingered her self knowing she was making my dick as hard as a rock. She then said ok and she got up and walk over to me and put her wet finger in my mouth.

From the way she was acting I could have cumm in my pants right then. Cs said ok Kg!! I said ok she looked at me and gave me a very deep /kissing/sexy-kiss/">sexy kiss and said im so wet lets go. When we got to the bar I found a seat at the corner of the bar and watched as Cs walked in. The bar was crowded and there were lots of guys there and I knew Cs had a lot to pic from in there. Cs was standing by the dance floor drinking her wine when a guy ask her to dance he was a nice looking white guy with a muscle type body and a good smile. Cs was dancing with him but not to close when the song was over he ask her to join him at his table with his two buddys. CS said sure and went over and started talking to all of them one guy was a tall blk guy and the other was a white guy as she sat there talking with them she must have had about 5 glasses of wine and every time she was done another guy was getting her another glass. I knew she was getting tipsy because wine makes her very horny and she kept teasing the guys by opening her legs and they could see her white lacy panties she also whould let that skirt slide up her thighs to let them have a better look. The tall guy Seth who she first danced with was getting very touchy feely on Cs as she was seated between him and bill the blk guy.

Seth keep putting his hand on Cs thigh and she wasnt stoping him matter of fact she let her drees slide up to almost her panties so he could get a better view and feel. Every once in awhile she would look over at me and smile knowing she was making me very horny. Seth now had his hand up by her panties and I think he was playing with her pussy and I could see that Bill was enjoying watching Seths hand up her skirt and he was getting a close up look of her panties. Cs got up to go to the bathroom and I followed she told me she was so wet and we went over by the phone in a hallway she then took my hand and pushed it under her skirt and said see how wet I am baby? I said yea as I lick my fingers Cs then said that Seth was touching her pussy under her skirt and that she had been touching his dick thru his jeans and she said kg he has a very big cock and i want him to fuck me is that ok honey ? I want to feel his /cock/big-cock/">big cock in /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy do you like that. Isaid yea. CS said the blk guy bill was touching her thigh also but that was it but she looked down at his dick and she said he was also well /hung/">hung but she had no intrest in fucking him now. Cs said im going to leave soon and take Seth back to the house why dont you go hide in the closet and turn on the nite light so you can get a good view baby. I said ok and she gave me a kiss and said see you at home remember be good!! I said ok so I left and went home to get into postion as i was in the closet I took off my pants and was in there with just my underware on and a hard xxx sex video download free com on.

Not long after I could hear Cs comming up the stairs she was telling Seth that I was out of town and would not be back untill tomorrow and they walked into the bed room Seth didnt waste any time as he started kissing Cs and undoing her blouse Cs was undoing his pants and let them fall to the floor. Seth had taken off Cs bra and started sucking on her nipples switching between both titts. Cs had her hands down his underware playing with his cock soon Cs pushed Seth back on the bed pulled his underware off and started sucking his big cock. Seths head went back and said ahh baby you give the best head it feels so good. In the meantime Im stroking my dick in the closet as I have a perfect veiw of everything. Seth stopped Cs from giving him head he said he didnt want to cumm yet and pulled Cs up on the bed with him and said you are so fucking hot and he slides down pulls her panties off and started licking her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. Cs open her legs up wide as Seth was licking her pussy like he was and expert soon I could see Cs legs start to point down and she grabed the back of his head and I knew she was ready to cumm.

She said to him you like my pussy dont you. You like the way it taste baby lick my pussy im goinng to cummm ohhh imm cumming as she rasied up and pushed his head to her pussy. Seth told her she tasted very good and loved eating her pussy. CS told him bring that big cock up here and fuck me!! Seth climb up took his big cock and rubbed it up and down her pussy untill Cs said please put that big cock in my pussy I need you to /pussy/pussy-fuck/fuck-this-pussy/">fuck this pussy please!! Seth then slid that 9 inch cock in her pussy I could see CS close her eyes and said yes baby yes your dick is so /fucking/big-fuck/">big fuck my pussy ahh yes it feels so greeat. There I was /wife/wife-fucking/watching-my-wife-getting-fucked/">watching my wife getting fucked by another mans /dick/big-dick/">big dick she was enjoying it and so was I. Seth fucked her pussy for about 15 mins CS had another orgasam as she was yelling ohh yes ohh yes im going to cumm ahhh shit my pussy is cumming yes im cumming dont stop and Cs started shaking as she was orgasaming and soon Seths ass checks tighten up and he said he was cumming and I saw him shake and moaning as he shot his load in Cs. As he rolled off Cs her pussy was wide open Seth said he had to leave but wanted to get with Cs again. Cs said that would be good and got his phone number and put her panties on and walked him to the door and gave him a kiss.

When she came up stairs she looked at me and said you was good so i want you to lay on the bed. She then pulled my underware off and said you did like it? Look how hard your dick is and pushed me down on the bed. She then straddle my face I could see his cumm starting to run out of her pussy. Her lipps was wide open she then sat down on my face and said eat my cumm filled pussy!! As i was licking her pussy she said do you like the taste? I could only moan yes as the smell was intoxacating and CS reached back and was jacking me off and she started telling me she was going to cumm keep licking me. Dont stop ahh here I cumm again ohh Kg im cumming baby and just then her jucies and her lovers flowed out and down my throat and toungue it tasted good. After Cs had cumm she laid on her back and said fuck my used pussy baby fuck me show me how much you enjoyed the show.

I fucked Cs like I never had before I had never been this turned on. Cs said kg I have never seen you so turned on you really like watching me being fucked by another man didnt you baby your going to watch me some more!! If this is what it does to baby do you want that? do you want to watch me fuck other men? I want you too watch and I like getting some new dick in my pussy. Just then I shot the biggest load in her pussy. Cs said ohh baby you really shot alot of cumm up there I love you so much and thank you for tonight I love you and would do this for you when ever you want. ok baby but only if you want me too ok ? I said ok Cs.